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Silicon Valley Photonics Testimonials

"The report SVP provided was perfect."

-Rob Ballow, Partner, ipValue

"Very impressive - MGH needs guys like you."

-Dr. Lawrence Haas, Research Manager, Dept of Hematology/Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital

"Silicon Valley Photonics has been an incredible resource for Brocade, and serves as our in-house 'photonics guru' since 1999. Additionally, Bob has broad knowledge about the supplier base, mechanics, board layout, electrical design rules, manufacturing, and EMI as they relate to optical data communications."

-Paul Bonderson, VP Engineering, Brocade Communications

"I have no hesitation in highly recommending Silicon Valley Photonics. Bob has an outstanding record of rapidly getting the job done through a combination of innovative ideas and practical in-depth understanding of the optical/opto-electronics field. I have personally worked with him in Honeywell in the early 80ís when he was immersed in optical fiber and sensor technology from the ground-floor of the industry, including making some of the early examples of such now-commonplace fiber-optic devices such as switches, fused couplers, and polarizers."

-Dr. Anis Husain, Operating Director, Incubic.; Former Chairman, CEO of OMM Inc.

"Silicon Valley Photonics has been particularly effective in driving optical issues in both standards and multisource argreement bodies. The latter is especially important because systems integrators like Brocade are usually excluded from participation in MSAs."

-Kumar Mallavalli, VP Technology, Brocade Communications

"Bob has been active in optical professional societies for years, and is a great entrepreneur"

-Milton Chang, Managing Director of Incubic LLC, www.incubic.com

"SVP provides a full range of professional optical services spanning technology, markets and connections with people that make a difference."

-Richard Taborek, CTO, nSerial Corp.

"SVphotonics provides photonics expertise crucial to venture capitalists focusing on optical networking. We endorse their services."

-Roderick Beck, Dir. of Research, Broadmark Capital

"We were able to speed up our decision lead time on our optical device strategy by using SVPhotonics's consulting service."

-Koichiro Seto, Technical Manager, Hitachi Cable Ltd.

"An hour with Bob is worth one hour with three engineers."

-Bruce Coutts, Quality Engineering Mgr., Ultraband Fiber Optics

"During the startup phase, SVP helped us to get up to speed rapidly, and understand the wide variety of optical component, standards, and test issues."

-Bill Rivard, CTO, Bravara Communications

"SVP provides good training materials and excellent consulting in thier field"

-Ed Frymoyer, Founder and Chairman, Infinity I/O

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