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SVP Clients and Affiliates

Since opening in September 1999, SVP has had over 30 customers. Below is a partial list of Silicon Valley Photonics clients:

Agilent Technologies is a global technology leader in communications, electronics, and life sceinces.

Atoga Corp. is a system integrator developing optical platforms for the metro network.

Avalon Photonics is developing high performance vertical-cavity lasers (VCSELs) and arrays.

Berkeley Extension School of Engineering, which is part of the UC System.

Bravara Communications is a systems integrator, formerly Bravida Communications.

Brocade Communications is a systems integrator that makes Fibre Channel switches.

Broadmark Capital is an investment bank that has VC in optical networking.

ElectroniCast Corp. is a market analayst company specializing in fiber components and networks.

Empirical Technologies is manufacturing fiber-optic devices and medical/bio/chemical/acoustic sensors.

Excelight Communications is a manufacturer of active, passive, and data solutions for the transport layer.

Fiber Network Engineering is a manufacturer of custom and off-the-shelf fiber systems.

Fujikura is a Japanese materials, telecommunications, and networking company.

Genoa Corp. is developing next-generation semiconductor and fiber device technology.

Harris Corporation is a major defense, communications, and semiconductor company.

Helios Photonics is developing planar waveguide devices and subsystems.

Hitachi Cable Ltd. is an optical telecommunications company in Japan.

Infinity I/O is the leading storage network training and certification company.

Intel Corp. aquired nSerial, who developed 10 Gbps interconnect solutions.

ipValue is a intellectual property management and licensing service.

LaserScope is a leading provider of medical laser systems for surgical applications.

Microwave Technology is a manufacturer microwave devices, integrated circuits, and modules.

National Expert Witness Network is an expert witness referral agency with a focus on technology.

NovaCrystals is developing high-speed semiconductor optical sources and detectors.

Novera Optics is developing fiber optic subsystems, formerly Ultraband Fiber Optics.

Optical Device Engineering is a optical test equipment system integrator.

Phoenix Photonics is manufacturer of polarization-preserving fiber devices.

PPI Capital is a technology-based fund which invests in optical networking.

PR@vantage is public relations company specializing in photonics and technology.

Quantum Effect Devices was an investor in nSerial. Now owned by PMC-Sierra

Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group is a high technology legal consulting and intellectual property firm.

TAEUS is a intellectual property engineering and evaluation service.

VyOptics is developing Photonic Bandgap Quasi-Crystal technology.

Zolo Technologies is developing DWDM fiber optic subsystems. Formerly Optera.

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