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SVP Affiliates

Below is a list of affiliated companies with Silicon Valley Photonics:

Instrumentation for Science & Medecine does turnkey medical device development.

Knox Associates does fast turnkey electronic design and prototyping.

Abeam Technology does consulting and design of photolith processes and photomasks.

Lee Hill has been very helpful in solving component-level and system-level electromagnetic compliance issues.

Howard Johnson is another recommended signal integrety and EMI consultant. His book is required reading IMHO.

Jim Stoneburner consults on acoustical physics and ultrasonic technology.

Jim Smith at Rockwell Laser Industries has been most knowledgable in laser safety and regulatory issues.

Gordon Mitchell was my supervisor at Honeywell SRC, and consults in the Pacific Northwest.

Pluglock makes a universal lockout for safety and parental control of any 110 VAC appliance.

Cornfield Electronics makes the invaluable TV-b-gone which protects you from audiovisual pollution

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