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Santa Clara Valley LEOS Chapter

Subscribe to the free Santa Clara Valley IEEE/LEOS Chapter newsletter! This is published monthly on a semi-regular basis and lists all of the optical meetings in the Northern Califonia area.


1. When you click on the hyperlink below, most browsers should pop up an email window addressed to "majordomo@majordomo.ieee.org"

2. In the body of the message, it should say "subscribe scv-leos" if it is missing you need to manually type it (without the quotation marks).

3. You can optionally add your full email address following "subscribe scv-leos" if it is separated by a space, and on the same line.

4. Sending this message should add you to the subscription list.


To remove yourself from the list, repeat (1-3) as above, changing "subscribe" to "unsubscribe"

The subject line is always ignored.

Do not have any further text after the first line in the message body.

To generate the e-mail message CLICK HERE to subscribe to "Light News"

For help or further information contact leos@silicavalley.com

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