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Technical Journals

Journal of Lightwave Technology (IEEE)

Journal of Quantum Electronics (IEEE)

Photonics Technology Letters (IEEE)

Journal on Selected Areas in Quantum Electronics (IEEE)

Communications Magazine (COMSOC)

Optics Letters (OSA)

Journal of the Optical Society (OSA)

Applied Optics (OSA)

Optics News (OSA)

Electronics Letters (IEE uk)

Journal of Modern Optics (Taylor & Francis)

Fiber and Integrated Optics (Taylor & Francis)

HP Journal (Agilent)

Optical Fiber Technology (Academic)

Journal of Applied Physics (AIP)

Applied Physics Letters (AIP)

Review of Scientific Instruments (AIP)

Precision Engineering (ASPE)

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (AIP)

Journal of Laser Applications (LIA)

Optical Laser Engineering (Elsevier)

Optical Networks (SPIE)

Optical Review (OSJ)

Optik (DGAO)

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