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Optics Gallery

Below are some cool images I have gathered during my career in optics - this will eventually contain lots of stuff for your enjoyment.

Coupler Showing Newton's Rings This is a polarization-preserving optical fiber coupler, showing adhesiveless "optical contact bonding" in the central clear region. [1]

Poincare Sphere representing the state of polarization evolution along a single-polarization fiber. The generally elliptically-polarized light eventually becomes linear as it propagates down the fiber. [1]

Adjustable fiber resonator made from single-polarization fiber, showing the optical transfer function vs. laser wavelength. [2]

Breadboard resonator gyro This example shows (from front to back) a fiber resonator, polarizers, isolators, couplers, polarizers, phase modulators, and integrated optic circuits. Laser source, detectors, and electronics are not shown. [2]

World's Largest Resonator The Tacoma-Narrows bridge (700 kB MPEG video)

Fiber Optic Jesus I saw this online somewhere. Made from holy fiber. [3]

Sources and Credits

[1] MIT Thesis. Reproduced with Permission of the Author.

[2] The Charles Stark Draper Lab, Inc. Reproduced with Permission.

[3] As immortalized by the indy band "The Flaming Lips".

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